Cheap Wedding Ideas

. . . that don't look cheap!

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Want some cheap wedding ideas? I sometimes fear brides are led into paying more for their wedding flowers because they are told that because it's expensive, it must be "elegant". Elegant sometimes has an overinflated price tag!

The prices of wedding flowers have become inflated over time, making it harder and harder for brides to have the wedding of their dreams - without breaking their wallets!

Labor is a large portion of that cost. By providing your own, you can considerably lower the budget for the flower expenses. It used to be hard, however, to buy the same products used by florists to create those gorgeous designs.

Check out the newest ideas below for inspirations on inexpensive flower choices, floral design products and do-it-yourself flower tutorials.

Choose from some of these common flowers and greens. Your bouquets will still be beautiful . . . and a lot kinder to your wallet.

Daisies, button mums, viking pomps, standard carnations, miniature carnations, asiatic lilies, alstromeria, gladiolus, stock, babies breath, waxflower, asters, spider mums lemon grass, seeded euculyptus, and leatherleaf fern. Add in a few roses for a focal point.

You can see by the pictures below that bouquets made from these "cheap" flowers are still quite lovely!

Choose Flowers that are in Season

One of the best cheap wedding ideas is to choose flowers that are in season. Spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, gladiolus, hydrangeas and iris are definitely cheaper in the spring. When you choose the same flowers at other times of the year - you will definately pay a premium. They will be hothouse grown or flown in by Holland, etc.

Stay away from Mother's Day weekend and Valentine's Day. These are huge holidays for the flower industry and the price can triple or more. Since the quality may go down at this time due to volume, think about getting married some other time.

Cheap Wedding Bouquets
Carnations, Daisies and Alstroemeria

This orange carnation round bouquet may have cheap wedding flowers in it - but it makes quite an impact. People who turn their noses up at carnations as wedding flowers don't realize how many colors this versatile flower comes in. It has a very nice scent and holds up even in hot weather. Watch out Martha Stewart!

Fill out your bouquets with more greenery. Today's trendy wedding magazines always seem to show tightly packed bouquets with no greenery. Flowers cost more than greens. One of the best cheap wedding ideas is. . . spread out those flowers! Use a mixture of greens and flowers to add texture and lines to your flower arranging. These bright painted daisies in the photo below make a cheap bridesmaid bouquet that looks as good as bouquet with big price tags. Daisies are very inexpensive and look very bright and colorful in your pictures.

Below is an example of more cheap wedding flowers - alstromeria. This flower is also known as a Peruvian lily. It comes in pinks, yellows, white, purples, oranges . . . and can fit in almost any color scheme. Yet is is available year around. Alstromerias are cheap to buy and comes several heads on a stalk.

Cheap Wedding Corsage and Boutonniere

In reality, the cost of the flowers in a corsage or boutonniere isn't what makes it expensive. It is the labor cost. Save money by making your own corsages.

Cheap Wedding Ideas for Centerpieces

Cheap wedding ideas has to include designing your own centerpieces. It's not as hard as it looks. The two candle centerpiece below looks very elegant, but is fairly simple to make.

The price is kept down because it is mostly greens, with a few filler flower and just a couple of Asiatic lily blooms.

Share the Costs

Advertise. See if you can find another bride with a wedding date close to yours that you can share the cost of mirrors, votive candles, pew bows, and other wedding decorations with.

Sell your leftover wedding decorations through E-bay, a local newspaper or wedding rental company. This is possible. I did it with both of my daughter's weddings. Since I had arranged the sales ahead of time, I was more willing to go up in expense since I knew I would recoup my losses.

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