Cheap Wedding Decorations

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Cheap wedding decorations can be easily had by using in season flowers and bushes. Theses bright and cheery flowers will make both your reception hall and your wedding ceremony special without breaking the bank!

Daisies are one of the best bargains you can buy in flowers! They are hardy, look lovely in any arrangement and have several flower heads to each stem. Arranged in an inexpensive bubble bowl, you can see how sweet this centerpiece can be!

Tulips come in many different colors, including pinks, yellows, lavender and white. Cut a few stems at varying heights and tuck (without greens) into a narrow necked vase. Tulips continue to grow after cut, so don't be surprised to see your arrangement take on a life of it's own!

Using filler flowers such as babies breath, and inexpensive blooms such as daisies can stretch out the size of an arrangement, allowing you to get more "bang for the buck".

Don't forget those potted plants! You can pick up bargains at your local gardening center. Drop lovely blooming plants down into a cheap basket and adorn with a bright bow. These can be used to decorate the church, an outdoor wedding ceremony or a foyer of a reception hall.

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