Cheap Wedding Centerpiece

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A cheap wedding centerpiece doesn't have to look . . . well, cheap.Choosing the right flowers, keeping it simple and doing the labor yourself can really cut down on the cost of wedding centerpieces.

Floral Centerpieces

How do you choose the right flowers? Fresh wedding centerpieces made from daisies, mums and carnations are probably the most inexpensive way to go. But be creative and you can still wow your guests with innovative ideas. For the size, gladiolus and snapdragons are very pretty . . . yet cost effective. Button mums can add interest.

Start with Inexpensive Flower Containers

Professional florists are experts at making cheap containers look elegant. To keep their costs down for the lower priced centerpieces, every florist keeps cheap baskets, plastic bowls and other vases on hand at all times. We refer to them as "no show" containers . This just means a waterproof container where the focus and money is to be on the flowers - not a lot of money spent on the container.

Since you don't always want a tall vase blocking peoples eye contact on your reception tables, look into cheap plastic containers that you can toss after the wedding.

Single Flowers in Small Vases

Use the impact of single stems of flowers dropped into small glass containers. Whether matching or an assortment of different containers, you can pick up some bargains at dollar stores, discount shops and resale stores such as Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Drop votive candles down in similar containers. A mixture of these in the center of a table can look very simple and elegant.

Tinted Water in Clear Vases

Two or three simple round cylinder vases tied together with a bow makes a nice centerpiece with floating candles. You can pick up on the color of the wedding by using a few drops of food coloring in the water. (Hint: for true colors - use cake icing food coloring, such as that by Wilton. This will give you shades you desire. Regular food coloring can look harsh. Reds will look orange toned, for example).

Something as simple as a brown paper bag adorned with a cheerful bow can hold a blooming plant as an attractive, but cheap wedding centerpiece!

Terracotta pots, obtained at your local garden supply, can be painted soft colors and filled with potted blooming plants. This is very attractive . . . but also a very cheap wedding centerpiece if you grow the plants yourself from seeds!

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