Cheap Wedding Cake Ideas

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Need some ideas for a cheap wedding cake? Cheap doesn't necessarily have to mean that the it won't look good or taste good.

The cost of the wedding cake is usually due to the designer's time spent decorating. The more unusual, the more time consuming . . . the more the $$$ grow. Here are some steps to help cut down on costs.

Avoid Fondant

Although beautiful to the eye and a favorite of many brides, fondant seems to be more trouble. Most of the vendors I know tend to discourage fondant cakes because of the hours involved.

Cheap wedding cakes usually have buttercream icing - the standard among cake bakers and pretty yummy at the same time!

Did you know that fondant cakes have a thick layer of buttercream underneath the fondant? It helps keep the fondant layer from sliding off the cake. So in essence you are paying for TWO layers of icing . . . which you will pay for dearly!

Consider a Smaller Cake

To save money, the bakery vendors I know suggest that you go with a smaller design for pictures (and cake cutting) and supplement with larger sheet cakes in the kitchen. Don't get too fancy with the demands for decorations on these sheet cakes or your cheap wedding cake will end up costing you as much as a larger cake!

The added bonus? Even icing and uniform cake slices are better tasting and ensures that everyone actually gets a piece of cake - not just a slice of thick icing with a few crumbs attached!

Have a Friend Bake your Cake

If you have a talented friend or relative, consider letting them bake your wedding cake. Although their creation might not have the "professional" touch, just imagine the love that goes into it!

Wilton Cakes has so many products that make baking a wedding cake much easier . . . even for a novice!

Best advice? Keep your demands simple. Keep the decorations to a minimum and perhaps the layers staggered on separate plates rather than stacked. Baking individual cakes is easier than trying to stack or put column dividers between.

Decorate with Fresh Flowers

Keeping the cake simple with white icing should be a cheaper alternative. Adding fresh flowers is easier than you think and doesn't require hours of decorating time.

Insert toothpicks in the stems of your flowers for easy insertion into the cake icing.

Go with a Smaller Bakery

Check around for smaller cake vendors. They make make a cheap wedding cake that tastes delicious because they don't have the same high overhead of larger bakeries. Be sure to ask for references and check at least a couple of them!

Consider a Cupcake Wedding Cake

Dozens of cupcakes iced with pre-made icing and topped with a single fresh flower is attractive and very cost conscious. You can still purchase a small cake layer for the cutting if you'd like!

See Cupcake Wedding Cakes for more ideas! Cover tiered boxes with colored paper to made your wedding and banded with ribbons. The cupcakes can be presented in a lovely way . . . and you can still have a very cheap wedding cake!

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