Cheap Wedding Bouquets

Cheap wedding bouquets don't have to look. . . well - you know - CHEAP! If you are willing to do the labor yourself and be cost conscious of choosing flowers that are pretty - but not exotic - you can have a gorgeous bouquet!

This tussy mussy has a couple of roses, carnations and bachelor buttons with looped ribbon and a few rhinestones.

Just see how gorgeous carnations can be. It may be an economical flower, but it comes in a huge array of colors, is available all year round and looks so pretty made up in a bouquet.

Same goes for daisies, asters or mums. Combining these flowers makes into a charming bouquet.

This dainty bouquet is made of peach Gerber daisies, light blue delphinium, a stem of Asiatic lily and cream colored stock. Beautiful and smells wonderful!

Bouquets can look larger when surrounded by greenery. Choose something like salal tips (also known as Lemon Leaf) for an updated look.

Adding loopy bows can make three simple roses look stunning. Very simple, easy to do, but very chic!

Cluster together or stagger the height of the roses for a larger look.

Be sure to check out my easy tutorials for step-by-step directions on designing your own flowers. Labor and retail markup is the bulk of the expense of a wedding quote. If you're willing to roll up your sleeves and enlist the help of your friends and relatives, you can have gorgeous flowers for much less! I carry all the fresh flower supplies you need - the very same products that professional florists use in their own shops.

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