Cheap Tulle Bows

It's amazing how cheap tulle can turn into quickly into stunning decor for your wedding ceremony! Continuing on from our previous step on this bow tutorial, I have a closeup here of the loops being knotted onto the circle of tulle.

Note how the knotted tulle goes off in various directions as indicated by the red arrows.

You want to be sure that some of the knotted tulle is pulled towards the center of the bow. This eventually will create a fullness in the center of the tulle, covering the mechanics of the Mini Deco.

The first rule of wedding florist is to always cover your mechanics! You want the guests to see only the white (or colored) tulle and the flowers. You do NOT want them to see the Oasis foam.

See how some of my tulle is beginning to fall forward, helping to hide the green Oasis foam? This is exactly the effect you want as you make your own tulle pew bows.

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