Cheap Engagement Rings

Finding cheap engagement rings is a challenge, since no jeweler worth his salt is going to advertise ANY of his merchandise as cheap!

I do want to warn you, however, to know what you are looking at BEFORE buying that "hard-to-believe-the-price" ring.

Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are usually the number one choice for the first half of that precious wedding ring set. They are available online, in quality jewelry stores . . . and in massive quantities in discount stores! So
why are the diamonds found in these supermarket stores cheaper than the ones in jewelry stores?

The worth of the ring is found mostly in the stone. Diamonds are judged by "The Four C's". The 4 C's are the four factors used to determine the value of a diamond -- Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight.

The GIA ( Gemological Institute of America ), a separate institution which sets standards for grading diamonds and setting standards for their worth.

Every diamond has to have a clarity grade. Clarity describes the clearness or purity of a diamond. This is determined by the number, size, nature, and location of the internal (inclusions) and external (blemishes) imperfections.

Ask to see the clarity grade on the ring you are considering before buying it. If it is graded at 11, 12 or 13, it has obvious flaws that can be seen with the naked eye. It's not wrong to buy these rings, just know they may turn cloudy or lose their sparkle and luster over time.

So HOW CAN YOU find an Inexpensive Ring without Sacrificing Quality?

To find a good ring that can stand the test of time (while not breaking your pocketbook), consider these sources or alternatives:

  • cubic zirconia
  • scour private want ads in newspapers
  • clusters of smaller diamonds rather than one large one
  • pawn shops
  • alternative gemstones
  • antique rings

My final advice is this. Educate yourself. BEFORE buying that cheap engagement ring, know the questions to ask and why the price is so low. There is a lot less chance of disappointment later if you are knowledgeable before you make that purchase!

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