Cheap Bulk Flowers

Yellow Button Mums

Planning to buy bulk wedding flowers off the web?  Be sure to compare prices between my store and other websites claiming to be "wholesale".  Many are charging retail cost plus requiring you to buy many bunches rather than just one or two.

This makes it hard for the DIY bride to have anything but one single flower (such as roses or hydranges).  I offer single bunches at competitive prices and allow even more savings for larger quantities on many products.

You can also purchase all the florist supplies and products you need to process those bulk flowers properly so they will last.

Yellow button mums offer a bright contrast and work well in all floral designs, including bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.

The flowers have a compact head with tight petals.  There are often 3 - 5 blooms on each single stem and are considered by florists to be a very hardy and affordable flower.

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