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Pink Heather

Buy bulk flowers online in the quantities YOU want to purchase - whether one bunch at a time or wholesale lots.  Many of my competitors won't sell less than 10 grower bunches at a time. 

What if you don't need that many?  My online store sells one bunch at a time or in larger quantities if you wish to save even more money.  Either way - I urge you to shop and compare before placing your order.

Pink heather is a delightful flower to use in weddings.  The single stem is covered with tiny pink blooms that branch off laterally into a feathery-looking flower.

The stem is rather woody, so you may want to use florist bunch cutters or pruners to cut them apart.

Heather is a rather bushy flower, so it is sold in bunches by weight rather than per stem.  Be sure to clean off the bottom blooms so the cleaned stem only rests in the water.  Resting the flower buds in the water leads to bacteria growing and will shorten the life of the heather.

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