Cheap Bulk Flowers

Green Button Mums

Bulk flowers online may not always be as "cheap" as they claim to be.  Inflated retail prices are crossed out while claiming their price is wholesale.  Those prices are often inflated well above what a retail florist would pay.  Be sure to carefully compare prices and see how many bunches you are required to buy before making a purchase.

I realize that brides many not need 8 - 10 bunches on one variety of flowers or greenery - especially if she wants mixed bouquets.  My online store offers to sell single bunches or in larger quantities to save more.  In the end - it's your choice.

Bright green miniature chrysanthemums add a cheerful contrast to other flowers in bouquets, centerpieces and tall florals.  This flower holds up well and is great for cut work like corsages and boutonnieres.

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