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Miniature Calla Lily

Buying flowers in bulk can yield a discount if you shop carefully.  Some wholesale farms ask you to buy in quantities - but the prices they charge are definitely inflated compared to the prices paid by flower shops.

I offer fresh flowers through my online store at reasonable prices and allow the bride to buy a single bunch.  Additional savings can be had for ordering larger quantities.  Many of my competitors required a large quantity of flowers to be purchased.  However, not everyone needs to buy whopping ten bunches of babies breath

I also offer the other wholesale florist supplies you will need when you process bulk flowers.  A few simple products make a great deal of difference of how long your "bargain" flowers will last.

Calla lilies are a great favorite of brides for the last decade.  These delicate flowers come in a large array of colors - but the most popular is definitely white.

Callas are easy to work with and getting a professional looking design is not as hard as you think.  Be sure to check out all my step by step flower designs for tips on making your flowers look like they were made by a professional designer.

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