Cheap Bridal Bouquets

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Cheap bridal bouquets don't have to be tiny . . and they don't have to "look cheap". You must simply be wiser in choosing flowers that are inexpensive and simple to design. Florist set their prices not only on the cost of the flowers - but on the amount of time that is needed to construct the bouquet.

Simple daisies and carnations are taken too lightly because of their low cost. Yet this flowers come in a large array of color and look charming in a bouquet.

You can even have cascades made that look wonderful - yet run cheaper than calla lilies and other exotic flowers.

Mixing both standard and miniature carnations with the elegant spider mums creates a beautiful bouquet with a very reasonable price tag.

I have many brides e-mail me asking me for "quotes" on bouquet prices. Alas - I fear that quotes from me won't do much good, since the area you are in will dictate the cost of bouquets. Bridal flowers tend to be higher in busy, metropolitan areas and cities, while the more rural areas tend to run less expensive. Get a quote from several local florists near you and compare their prices for a better estimate.

Here is another with white daisies and carnations in a standing clutch with a cheery bow as a finishing detail.

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