Centerpieces To Make

When creating centerpieces to make for your own table, be sure to cover all your mechanics. These are the pieces that it takes to put the arrangement together, such as the foam, tape, and chimney holder.

The sign a a true professional is for those enjoying the finished piece to see only the flowers and greens - not the other things!

I start by inserting a framework of leatherleaf fern around the bottom perimeter of the arrangement.

How long you make these stems will determine how large your final arrangement will be. These are the "framework" for your centerpiece design.

Notice that I angle the bottom pieces upward, so that the tip of the fern rests lightly on the tabletop. This angle will get more level as you move up, then point upwards slightly at the top of the centerpiece.

Fill from the bottom up. This doesn't have to be real thick if you plan to fill in with other greenery as well. Leather leaf is a good, economical green that helps fill out a centerpiece in a hurry.

As you move closer to the chimney holder, you'll eventually want to turn some of the leaves around to hide this piece.

Continue to fill in steadily and lightly, until the entire block of Oasis is covered.

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