Centerpieces for Reception Tables

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Interesting centerpieces for reception tables come in all shapes and sizes, colors and flower variety. You should look at the design first, and then ask yourself questions. Do you like the container? Would you like it better in a glass vase? A different basket? Do the flowers come in colors other than the one pictured?

You shouldn't limit yourself looking just at "pink" wedding flowers (or whatever your wedding color theme is). Your florist can modify most any arrangement to reflect your taste and flower preference.

This basket has a rather garden type feel, with groupings of similar flowers together as if they've grown that way. This is commonly referred to as an English garden style.

Referred to as a "long and low", candles can give it height and still let people make eye contact across the dinner table.

Here is a similar piece, except it works better on a round table. The candle is given some protection by a hurricane globe.

A soft mixture of pinks, blues and lavender give these flowers an airy Spring feel.

Similar floral arrangement, but you can see instantly how the mood changes with such a dramatic color change.

Use floral adhesive to give a "ho hum" container a vibrant lift with a real ivy leaf design!

I love the mix of so many different textures in this bouquet. Alstromeria, iris, lusianthis and Queen Anne's lace adds a lot of interest here even though it's all one color.

If you are interested in saving money by designing your own centerpieces for reception tables, I do carry all the fresh flower products needed to create your own wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Check out the "how to" link at the bottom of the page to get started!

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