Centerpiece with OASIS MEGA Beaded Wire

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OASIS™ MEGA Beaded Wire is an awesome flower accessory and can be used in a lot of creative ways to add color and glamor to a wedding centerpiece or bridal bouquet.

This design is quite simple and easy to do.  You will need the following products:

• Shallow Round Bowl or container as shown
• 6 ½' Apple Green MEGA Beaded Wire (41-12536)
• 2 Blue Hydrangeas
• 3 Pink Gerbera Daisies
• 10 Red Roses

Wind the Mega Beaded Wire around the glass stem.  Also twist several different sizes of lightly balled shapes of the wire for tucking in the bouquet.

Add other short cut roses and gerberas within the hydrangeas.  Cluster the roses in groups of two or three for more color impact.  Tuck the beaded wire shapes in among the flowers in a random pattern.

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