Beautiful Centerpiece
to Make for Christmas

Designing a centerpiece, whether to make for Christmas or any other occasion, is made more interesting by the use of unusual greenery.

I love using decorative grasses, such as the loops of bear grass used below.

Create grass loops quickly and easily by using wired Cowee Picks. These handy little wooden stakes come in different links and are used by professional florists everywhere as a means to lengthen flower stems, strengthen weak stems or simply used to create an "artificial" stem that can be inserted into wet or dry foam.

Cowee picks swell after being inserted into wet Oasis, making the slender grass stems stay where you put them in the centerpiece.

Simply begin randomly inserting these grass loops into different spots of your design. If the loose pieces are too long, simply trim them to the right length with scissors or your floral knife .

A closeup view shows the look of the grass against the Christmas greens.

The design is now finished with the greening of the Oasis Design Ring . The next important step is to spray the greens with a product that acts as a sealant and adds shine the leaves.

You can skip this step, but sometimes greenery can look splotchy or water spotted without it. Florists typically use products to extend the life of every arrangement. This is even more important since Christmas arrangements can last much longer through the holiday season when using a sealant.

If you do use a leaf shine product, spray it on before adding your fresh flowers, since most are meant for greens only.

You can see how adding a hurricane globe or large flat bottomed vase can turn this centerpiece into a real showstopper! Now we are ready to insert fresh flowers into the arrangement. (Remove the globe first while you are still designing).

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