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If you have questions regarding the centerpieces you see on my site, check each section below to see if the question is answered. If it isn't, please feel free to drop me a line through the contact form at the bottom.

Can You Make my Wedding Centerpieces?

I'm sorry - I'm now retired from shop work and just maintain this "how to" website. I spend my time answering questions and providing the products needed for YOU to make your own beautiful wedding flowers.

How Early Can I Make My Centerpieces?

That depends on how fresh the flowers are. Florist rarely design your flowers the day of your wedding. They do it days in advance and keep them in a cooler.

If you have a cool place to keep the flowers (and air conditioned room or cool basement area) and make sure that the Oasis foam doesn't dry out, you can do them several days ahead. Misting frequently and using a flower sealant helps a great deal.

Choose flowers with holding power. Remember that flowers straight from the farm are very fresh and MEANT TO LAST several days in normal temperatures.

Flowers can be delivered any day you choose. It's important to ask your supplier how far in advance you need to order so the flowers are open at at their peak right before your wedding. Some lilies are delivered very tight in the bud and need six to seven days just to open!

What Will Make My Centerpieces Last Longer?

Cool temperatures, regular rewatering of Oasis foam, and frequent misting with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch. There are some awesome Oasis products such as Design Rings which have their own water tray built right in! You can green in days in advance and pop the fresh flowers in the day before the wedding.

How Should I Choose the Centerpieces I Make?

Give thought to not only if you LIKE the design - but how much time will be involved in creating it and whether the flowers you want are in season. Be realistic and don't stress yourself by being overly ambitious. Huge elevated sprays of roses towering over tables are usually set up by professional florists with a design team at hand.

Choose centerpieces that are easy to complete, flowers that will hold up well for many days AND transport easily. Transportation is probably the number one difficulty. Brides don't always think about transporting until AFTER the flowers are designed.

Line up plenty of extra hands - for designing, transporting and setup at the banquet hall - you'll be glad you did!

What If I'm Allergic to Flowers?

Browse the centerpiece sections anyway. Many of those shown can be easily duplicated in silk. Consider submerged flowers which will cut out on the pollen in the air. Investigate water beads and other gorgeous design products that can be used with candles instead of flowers (watch out for the heavily scented ones!)

Many people are not allergic to the SCENT - they are allergic to the POLLEN. Avoid heavily pollinated flowers such as Asiatic Lilies, Oriental Lilies (Stargazers), alstromeria, stephanotis, lilacs, boronia, rice flower, anything dried, limoneium, and asters.

Where Can I Find . . . .?

I carry a great deal of professional centerpiece supplies in my store. Here are thumbnail links to some of them:

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