Ceiling Fabrics

Special ceiling fabrics that are used to drape reception and event halls come in wider bolts than you find at a normal sewing center. Ease of use and the importance of using fabrics that are fire resistant are important considerations when making your choices. (Especially if you are planning on having open candle flames as table decor.)

Explore different choices such as taffeta, tulle, shimmera and gossamer. Each of these fabrics have different textures or finishes. Check out each of the links below to see the features of each.

When I worked full time as a wedding florist, I knew when to call in the experts. Draping ceilings and walls were not my area of expertise. Fortunately . . . I can direct you to the right place!

My affiliate store have experts in this type of decorating. They have produced a book called "How To Decorate With Gossamer" . It's very inexpensive and worth the read if you plan on decorating yourself using these types of fabrics.

Choosing a Backdrop Fabric

Fabrics to create lovely backdrops come in several different options, prices and bolt sizes. Choose the one that fits your budget and decorating needs.

Shimmera is an iridescent, lightweight fabric with an magical look. It displays bright color tones and is lovely for draping, covering tabletops and creating beautiful backdrops.

Premium Tulle comes in 50 yard rolls and can be used to decorate tables, columns, and more. This high quality wedding tulle is a very fine gauge and is available in a wide selection of wedding colors. You'll find it wide enough to cover or drape large areas.

Glitter Taffeta comes in a 20 yard roll. It has a bold, shiny finish that can cover up ugly walls, drape over tables, or create stunning backdrops and more.

Solid Color Gossamer comes in large, 100 foot rolls and can be used for decorating tables, walls, floors, and chairs.

I recommend another reputable company that actually has ceiling kits that you can use to install and assemble your own wedding fabric decorations. You can choose a variety of different kits at different prices, depending on your budget. If you are willing to do your own labor, this can save you considerable money. Check it out here:

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