Casino Centerpiece

Charleston Centerpiece Each

Charleston Centerpiece Each

9" Plastic Dinner PlatesSet your tables with our heavy-duty plastic tableware! Order plates and cups that are perfectly color matched, or mix and match different colors to create your own look. Our 9" dinner plates will be great for your event. White Foam DiceCreate a winning centerpiece or play event games with these 4 3/4" foam dice! Choose green with white dots, red with black dots, red with white dots or white with black dots. Charleston CenterpieceThis unique 9" high, 25 oz. centerpiece is sure to add some flair to your Prom. Black Twisted Stem CharlestonGlass is 9 1/2" high and holds 8 1/2 oz. Royal Casino FrameThis acrylic, glitter accented frame is perfect for your casino-themed Prom or after-Prom. It holds a 5" x 7" photo. Prices are for each.

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