Cascading Rose Bouquet Tutorial

The flower heads in this cascading rose bouquet are getting closer together now.  If you had begun the bouquet by packing them tightly from the center out, you could end up using more roses than you originally planned.  

This way the bouquet remains balanced and the flowers are spread out and you can stop when you reach the number of flowers you allotted for each bouquet.

It's always good to think ahead by using a Wedding Flower Calculator to determine how many flowers you are going to need for each bouquet.

I'm tucking another rose down among the flowers that makes up the cascade.

See how I staggered the length of the cascade flower heads.  This last rose is also pointing outward a bit more than the one on the left.

I like to tuck some smaller flower heads deeper into the design.  This adds to the interest and is more of a freestyle design.

Watch the sides of your bouquet.  Fill in the blank spaces if you have enough roses.

Always keep some greenery behind every rose head of the flowers placed on the sides.

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