Cascading Hydrangea
Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

Creating a cascading hydrangea bridal bouquet takes a little extra work. Because hydrangeas are a heavy-headed flower, you may need to cut down on the size of the flower head so you can taper the cascade as it flows down the bouquet. You need to reserve a longer stem to create the cascade length.

A closer look shows that hydrangea blooms are actually clustered on laterals (tiny branches coming off the main trunk stem). It's easy to cut them apart. Immediately immerse the blooms you cut off in water if you wish to add them to other bouquets or centerpieces. They wilt quickly if left out of water too long.

I've taped a long wire with light green florist's tape. This tacky tape (also sometimes referred to as corsage tape), needs to be stretched slightly as you pull it down the wire, twirling the wire with one hand while pulling the tape with the other hand. The light green tape blends in well and can be hidden among the hydrangea florets.

I actually "hooked" the wire onto one of the support brackets of the cage covering the Oasis foam of the bouquet holder. I then threaded the wire through one of the heads of the lowest hydrangea stem of the cascade. You can then hook the other end of the wire on the other side of the bouquet holder.

The reason for this? To help support this heavy flower as it hangs from the bottom of the bouquet.

Another way you can help support heavy-headed flowers like these is the entwine a taped wire around the laterals of the flower head.

Attach a wooden Cowee pick to the other end of the length of wire and insert the pick into the Oasis. The wet foam causes the wood to swell, securing the pick tightly in the bouquet.

Mechanics are important - you have to think ahead on how to keep all of the stems secure in the bouquet.

The final step to securing a cascade this heavy will be to squirt in Floralock. This marvelous product is a stem adhesive that locks flower stems into place. But you want to have the bouquet completely finished before you do this step.

Now your cascading hydrangea bridal bouquet is well supported, secure and ready for the addition of the other flowers.

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