Cascading Bridal Bouquet

Don't be intimidated from making a cascading bridal bouquet. Many professional florist products make it easier than you think. This lovely cascade below is made simply of roses, stephanotis and ivy.

Florists use a stephanotis pick to secure the delicate star-like blossoms to a wire and give it a water source at the same time.

Slanted bouquet holders are used so the bouquet has a graceful "fall forward" without making it awkward to hold the bouquet handle.

I consider it essential to use a floral adhesive to make sure the stems "stay in place" in the bouquet - especially the cascade. I prefer a product called FloraLock with comes with a straw like attachment that shoots the adhesive right into the bouquet at the stems. Just a couple of quick squirts and you're good to go! It seems pricey at around $20 or so a can - but it's well worth it not to have flowers cascading down the aisle. Leave that for the flower girl!

Step by step tutorials are available to show you not only how to make a cascading bouquet, but also corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces and more.

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