Cascade Bridal Bouquet

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A cascade bridal bouquet has been around for ages . . . check out great-grandma's wedding photos and there is a good chance that she is carrying an overflowing nosegay full of roses or carnations. White was very traditional and was usually the choice of brides.

Dainty white and ivory roses spill forth from this stunning bouquet accented with flat fern and green ivy. Long lines of dendrobium orchids create a graceful waterfall effect.

But today's brides are much more color oriented! Senses are reeling from cascades of hot pinks, yellows, blues and more. Anything goes and NOTHING is the "standard". Brides are much more relaxed and fun loving.

My advise is to go with your heart. If the pure white has always been your dream - then go with it. It's important that YOUR day be special!

But if you want a more zing with color - don't hesitate for a moment! Bright yellow Asiatic lilies, purple larkspur, orange carnations and bright yellow yarrow can give you the WOW factor you crave!

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