Cascade Bridal Bouquet

Continuing to Green with Italian Ruscus

Continue greening in with the Italian Ruscus.   Looking from a side view gives you depth perception.

I cut the ruscus in short pieces, leaving 3 or 4 leaves on each section.

Don't be afraid to tuck some of these pieces of greenery deep into the foam.  Making different lengths adds interest.

You may not want all your cut pieces to be exactly the same length.  The pieces on the outer sides and bottom can be longer than those in the center of the bouquet.

Angle the greenery at an upward slant at the top of the bouquet.

Don't forget to point the center pieces straight out.

See what a nice contrast of different shapes you get?  The greenery is the same shade of green - yet is more interesting with different mixes of greens.

I'm going to continue to add some more ruscus to the sides of this design.

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