Casa Lily Bridal Bouquet

A Casa lily bridal bouquet has always been a particular favorite of mine to design. These fragrant blossoms have huge heads and belong to the Oriental lily class.

Large and gracious, Casa Blancas are a truly magnificent flower that can stand alone without greenery or ribbon.

If you plan to make your own wedding flowers , realize that the problem is not keeping these flowers too long. You must actually ORDER IN ADVANCE so that the flower heads can open wide to their full beauty. Casa Blanca lilies have wonderful staying power - they can keep fresh (if watered) for up to nearly two weeks or more.

Please note that you should remove the pollen as soon as the flower opens. Otherwise it can drop and stain the white petals, clothing, fingers and carpeting.

They can also be fashioned into stunning cascade designs. Here is another example with tendrils of curling ivy tucked in among the blooms.

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