Carnation Wrist Corsage

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Carnation wrist corsages are made with a flower that has a sweet scent, holds up well under a lot of conditions and comes in an amazing array of colors.

Give a gitter to your corsage by first wrapping stems and leaves with corsage tape, then carefully wrapping with decorative bullion wire. Add corsage lights for an extra glow.

Several different textures of ribbon make this yellow corsage a lot of fun!

Textures and prints can also liven up your wrist flowers.

The colors of tipped carnations are truly beautiful. See the new purple "moon" carnations by Florigene. They are worth the look!

Soft baby pink is always a standard favorite, especially when combined with babies breath.

They are also available in a multitude of soft yellows and peaches. Carnations are very open to dying - placing a dye in the water so the flowers uptake the new color. You must be very careful when handling the stems, or the dye can splatter on clothing or floors.

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