Carnation Flower


Buying a carnation flower in bulk means you must purchase bunches of 25.  Prices rise in flowers purchased in local shops by single stems double (and sometimes triple) the cost.

Orange carnations add a pop of color to any floral design.  These flowers are making a comeback in the wedding market.  Once scorned as a "common" flower - brides have begun to discover that these charming flowers come in a wide variety of colors and look stunning in massed arrangements.

Many other flower sites require that you buy a minimum of 100 or more stems.  I sell carnations by the bunch, allowing the bride more freedom on her color choices or ability to mix flower varieties.

The average flower head on a standard carnation is approximately 2 inches when completely open.  If your bulk carnations are tightly closed upon arrival, you can gently fluff the head open by pulling downward.

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