Carnation Centerpieces

Chic Wedding Decor for the Bridal Table

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Simple carnation centerpieces can be considered very chic anymore. Consider a blaze of color varieties with a dozen bound tightly and surrounded by a collar of salal leaves, rose leaves or Galax leaves.

Thirty-six carnations create a classy statement nestled in a sleek square vase with interwoven ribbon and folded Ti leaves.

A more traditional approach has a dozen carnations mixed with fresh greens, including leatherleaf fern, boxwood, and Galax leaves.

Mixing carnation sizes creates interest as well. Here, eight standard carnations are combined with four stems of white miniature carnations. The greenery includes sword fern, sprengeri, and oregonia greens.

As you can see, traditional or with a new sleek look, carnations are a bargain, come in a stunning array of different colors and can be used in so many different styles!

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