Care of Roses

The proper care of roses is your first priority if you've ordered bulk wedding flowers. You must follow certain steps if you want your flowers to open to their full beauty and to last well through your wedding day.

Roses arrive from the flower farm carefully rolled - usually with protective cardboard or sheets in between the stems and bound in a sleeve.

To ensure that dry packed roses (such as ordered from a wholesale online source) to open into their full beauty - follow these steps:

Step 1.

Upon arrival, immediately begin the care of your roses. Open the package carefully and gently unroll, separating the flower stems. Careful! Some of those thorns can be mighty sharp.

If you have any broken heads, set them aside (in water, of course!) to be used for corsage and boutonniere work. Although most reputable growers pack carefully, there is always the possibility of a broken head or two.

Examine the roses carefully. The heads should be tightly closed and firm to the touch. Don't worry about bruising. The outer protective petals will be removed later while designing.

If the flowers seem wilted, try processing them first and see if they perk up. If they don't, notify your wholesaler immediately. Be prepared to send them electronic images or to surrender the damaged flowers for pickup if they have to send you a new bunch.

Don't be quick to criticize . . . reputable farms will want you to be happy with your flowers. Since this is a live product, something beyond their control may have happened to the shipment. Give them the benefit of the doubt and allow them to replace the roses if necessary. This happens to professionals all the time.

Cut the rose stems UNDER WATER (this is important) to be sure that the rose's first "gulp" is water - not air.

If you don't take care, an air pocket could be created in the stem causing a blockage. This would prevent water from reaching the bloom and cause it to to have a "bent neck" and, eventually, a premature wilted rose head.

Step 2.

After cutting, dip the rose stems into a hydration solution (such as "Quick Dip") which ensures that the stem takes water quickly up the stem to the bloom.

Step 3.

Place the roses immediately into a bucket of lukewarm water with water that has been treated with a professional flower preservative solution.

Step 4.

If you wish faster opening, place bucket of roses in warm location where it receives some sunlight. After the buds begin to soften and open, place the bucket where it receives indirect (not full) sunlight.

Step 5.

For even faster opening (although I don't often recommend since it
shortens the life of the rose) is to dip the heads of the buds in water and then put the entire head of the rose in a plastic bag. Put the bucket in where it can receive direct sunlight. When the rose begins to open, place in indirect sunlight.

Step 6.

After placing in your wedding bouquet, mist the finished design thoroughly with a flower hydrator such as Finishing Touch to slow down rose petal deterioration.

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