Candle Pew Markers

Decorating candle pew markers is easy when you use professional florist products made by OASIS. Small cages called Iglus have tabs built into the cages so you can easily attach them with chenille stems or florist wire to rental candles such as those shown below.

This first picture is so elegant, yet is made very simply of ribbon, sprengeri and a few lavender daisies.

A larger arrangement can be made on the Grande Iglu or an Oasis Floracage.

This lovely design is made of white dendrobiums and Fire and Ice roses. Add in some interesting foliage and you have a gorgeous display with very little effort.

Above photos courtesy John Henry
from "Wedding Traditions". All rights reserved.

I always recommend that you use Floralock to secure the flowers in the OASIS cage and mist throughly with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch.

Professional florists always use these type of products to keep wedding flowers both secure in their holders and fresh through the wedding day.

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