Candle Centerpieces

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The candle centerpieces pictured below are created a variety of ways - in stand candelabras, baskets, utility bowls, foam rings and more. It is best to choose quality, dripless candles for weddings. The cheaper buy in a discount store may melt down at an alarming rate because of the quality of the wax.

You must also be sure to protect the table top surface in all ways. Churches and other buildings today are built to have a natural current of air from heating and cooling ducts. Even dripless candles can splatter wax on table tops and floors. Always protect with clear plastic or a similar manner.

A table candelabra can easily have a flower arrangement made with the placement of a small ring of Oasis.

Using a pillar candle pick in a brick of Oasis is a sturdy way of holding it fast in a basket.

Check out the 12" spray bars for an easy and quick way to make a table top centerpiece.

A ring of Oasis even comes in a small enough size to fit around most pillar candles and are so easy to make!

This unique piece can be made by taping two spray bars or two raquette bars together. No fuss of trays, cutting Oasis bricks or anything! Simply soak and poke.

Even arrangements on a pedestal can have candles included in them to create a long, tall line of design.

Clear acrylic extenders can rise up out of low arrangements and hold candle cups - creating a lovely display for foyers, church entrances and bridal tables.

All photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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