Candle Centerpiece

Making a Hurricane Wedding Centerpiece

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Making a Candle Centerpiece is easy if you have the same products and tools as a professional wedding florist. These beautiful pieces can sell upwards of $70 to $100 or more. FTD's candle wedding centerpieces can start over that! Making your own centerpieces can definitely save you dollars on your wedding budget!

Hurricane Wedding Centerpiece

This hurricane centerpiece can be made by binding two Oasis spray bars together with wire or waterproof tape. (This will make the bar "double wide" so the globe will fit better.)

You don't need any containers to use this innovative florist foam. This 12" bar of OASIS® Floral Foam glued to a base of SAHARA® II Dry Foam, and wrapped in a perforated green poly film.

It's so easy to use I call them "Soak and Poke"!! Simply float the bar into water treated with flower food . Place your Hurricane globe on first and trace lightly with a knife. Don't put any flowers in this area (even stems sticking sideways) so your globe will fit over the candle when you set up for the reception.

You could use a single spray bar, but the Hurricane globe will be wider than the foam bar.

Push a candlestake firmly into the center of the area marked off for hurricane globe. It should straddle both spray bars.

Add your greenery and flowers - keeping the stems short on the backside (side facing the bride and groom) and longer on the ends and front side (falling over the edge of the bridal table as shown).

This centerpiece can be modified to suit your needs. Skip the hurricane and make a cluster of pillar candles (different heights) instead. Use taper candles (held by candle stakes). Create long and low centerpieces for your guest tables by making an all-around arrangement with the Oasis spray bar.

Always finish your wedding centerpieces by spraying with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch . This way your flowers stay fresh and lovely throughout your whole wedding day. If you make your arrangements up a few days early, just keep in a cool air-conditioned room, remist the candle centerpiece with the flower sealant often and dribble more water onto the arrangements, keeping the flower foam wet.

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