Candle Centerpiece Ideas

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New candle centerpiece ideas using the old standard - voltives. Many brides use voltive candles scattered on the tables to add warmth to the bridal tables. But how can you liven up an "old idea" so it has more creativity? Let me show you!

Round Floral Table Centerpiece

Instead of putting the voltive candles AROUND the centerpiece - put a cluster of them INSIDE the centerpiece! Using a round design ring, as a base for your centerpiece, green and flower the florist foam with your choice. Because the colored foam is supposed to show - don't worry about covering up every inch of it.

Then place several candles inside to create instant warmth. The wreath can be purchased from my Wedding Supply store, along with other wedding reception supplies.

Nestle several glass votives directly into the table centerpiece. Using a unique container like a common terra cotta pot adds interest. (Be sure to line the pot with a plastic liner, since terra cotta pots are porous and will seep water.)

It even becomes more fun when you put a terra cotta pot INTO a terra cotta pot drip tray.

Inexpensive Centerpieces with Votive Candles

Dress up simple votive candles with colored ribbon that matches your wedding color scheme.

Find an interesting clear container, tuck a few flowers in it and then place a clear voltive candle inside with the flowers. This works as well as floating candles.

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

I carry everything you need to create floral wedding centerpieces in my store. You will find florist foam , flower arranging containers , professional quality florist tools and many design accessories.

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