Wedding Candelabra Tutorial

Soaking the Foam Cage

The first step of our wedding tutorial is the proper choice of the right Oasis cage and preparing it for use.  Oasis makes several different size cages and raquettes appropriate for use on both branch candelabras and single aisle candelabras.

It's important to choose a cage large enough for the job.  A large spray of fresh greens and flowers pull a lot of water.  You can design a couple of days ahead of time - just be sure to keep replenishing the water by re-soaking the foam each day.

Florists always soak Oasis in water that has been treated with a fresh flower food.  It's important to measure correctly - too much flower food is as bad as not enough.

Concentrated Floralife uses 2 oz. for every quart of water.  Four quarts is one gallon - use 8 ounces for each gallon of water.  A five gallon bucket filled with 3 gallons of water (24 oz of flower food) will hold several bunches of flowers.

Don't worry about dents and marks on your foam.  This is not an issue and the foam is perfectly usable (unless completely crushed, of course!)

Float soak the cage face down and allow it to sink slowly by itself.  Do not force the cage underwater as it may cause dry pockets in the foam that can be death to a flower stem.  It takes a very short time for a brick of foam to become completely saturated.

A fully saturated standard brick of foam can hold up to 2 quarts of water. 

This item is called a FLORACAGE® Grande Holder and measures 4¼" x 6¾" x 3¼".  It contains almost 3/4 of a standard brick of Oasis Maxlife foam, so it holds approximately a 1 1/2 quarts of water when fully soaked.    The cage will feel very heavy.

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