Camo Wedding Decor

Camo wedding decor can be woodsy enough to suit any hunter's heart . . . yet elegant enough to satisfy his bride as well! These natural florals will create a wonderful outdoor feel to your ceremony and reception halls.

Instead of flowers, consider a using large waterfall sprays of natural greens, pods, and field grasses on your altars, bridal tables, entrance tables and window sills to bring the outdoors - IN!

You can mix in some natural field flowers as well. Consider this wreath - a delightful mixture of twists of palm grasses, green hypericum berries, pods and light blue delphinium.

Here is a blend of colors found in nature. Orange day lilies, purple heather and pink snaps are framed by large Bells of Ireland.

This woodsy wreath starts by using a design ring and adding varigated pitt, sheet moss and seeded eucalyptus. Add in some white flowers for contrast, such as Star of Bethlehem, white waxflower, Lady's Slipper and white alstroemeria for a gorgeous display for your wedding altar.

Smaller foam rings can be covered with mixed greenery, pods and nuts and hung as pew decorations.


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