Calla Lily Wedding Theme

A Calla Lily wedding makes me think of pure elegance. These graceful flowers are bursting forth on the wedding scene with vibrant colors that stand alone or blend easily with other wedding flowers.

Standard Calla Lilly or Miniature Calla Lily

When using Calla Lilies in your wedding bouquets, you must decide whether you want to use standard or miniatures. Standard have long, hollow stems and are difficult to use in bouquet holders because of their size.

You would be better choosing to use them as a graceful arm bouquet laid in the crook of your elbow.

Be sure to keep this bouquet in water right until you go down the aisle. It is a very thirsty flower and can become droopy if out of water for a long time.

As you can see by the bouquet below, I love to pair them with the broad Ti leaves and accent with lily grass. Very sophisticated!

This bouquet shows the one of the dramatic colors that calla lilies can come in. They are available in pinks, greens, whites, and many other beautiful hues.

Calla Lily Wedding Centerpiece

These soft blush calla lilies work well with brown hypericum, tulips and chocolate roses. Having a short clear vase works well for these thirsty flowers.

This elegant centerpiece has white calla lilies paired with white veronica on top a an OASIS Design Ring filled with ranunculus and white hydrangea. Roses could be substituted on the bottom for a similar look.

Calla Lily Boutonniere

A calla lily boutonniere give a look of sophistication to any groom's lapel. Simplicity is the key.

Photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved

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