Calla Lily Floral Arrangement

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This calla lily floral arrangement was designed by the masters at Smithers-Oasis. This lovely display would be gorgeous as altar flowers, a buffet centerpiece, or as a breathtaking wedding centerpiece at each table.

Photo courtesy Smithers-Oasis. All rights reserved.

Whether created in fresh or silk, this arrangement is striking and not that all hard to do! You will need Apple Green Rainbow OASIS™, decorative aluminum wire, four standard calla lilies, 4 stems of bear grass, two lemons, and one stem of variegated pittosporum.

Cut the callas to your desired height, and put all four stems and the bear grass in the clear glass vase. Cut one of your lemons into slices. (I suggest you soak the sliced lemons to remove some of the excess juice). Slide the cut slices down inside the vase all around so they are visible from each side.

Fill your vase carefully with water. Gather all four of the stems together just below the flower blooms and push down gently. Insert the whole lemon in between the stalks right at the top of the vase.

Tuck the varigated pitt around the top end of the vase. Add until the stems are held in a tight grip and don't move.

Gently gather the heads of the callas together and wire with decorative wire.

Finish with a decorative swirl of wire on the outside of the glass! Perfect!

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