Calla Lily Centerpiece

Shortening and Pinning Stems

Just for easy management of the design, I cut the individual stems to a shorter length.  Don't cut too short at this time - you'll later cut all the stems again all at once to ensure even bottoms.

The calla stems need to stay in place and not slide around out of place.

I pull the callas apart gently, bending the stems outward, splaying the calla heads so there is open spaces between them.

I actually used pearl headed corsage pins to secure the stems in place as I want them.  Be sure any sharp, pointed ends are buried deep in the stems so that they cannot tear hands later.

I now am going to place large broad leaves next to the stems and tape them into place.  You can use Ti or aspidistra leaves, whichever you prefer.  They come in solid green and a variegated variety.

The large broad leaves are very complimentary to the large heads of the calla lilies.  Begin by taping them into place with florist tape.

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