Calla Lily Centerpiece

Sheer Ribbon Wrap

I'm now overlaying the under satin wrap with another sheer ribbon that has an iridescent sheen to it.

Wrap tightly as before, beginning by pinning into place.

After the wrap is complete, give a sharp twist and secure with a pin in the center of the twist.  Cut the ribbon off with sharp shears to have a clean cut.

Another alternative is to fold the ribbon under and then put a row of pins down, giving a decorative finish on the outside of the ribbon.

As before, always be sure the pins are buried deep in the flower stems.

You can use white or colored pins to accent the ribbon wrap.

See the pretty finish once the ribbon wrap is finished.

A beautiful hand tied calla bouquet can be carried by the bride or attendants.

This design also turns into a beautiful centerpiece, standing in a clear bubble bowl.  Click on the next step link below to see how to secure the hand bouquets securely in the bubble bowl container.

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