Calla Lily Centerpiece

Lily Grass Loops

Lily grass is a lovely greenery that adds a lot of fun and interest to wedding designs.  This grass is longer and broader than bear grass.

As you can see, it has a soft, loopy natural curve that is fun to work with.

I'm going to actually double these loops over and tape them into place, creating a large loop.  You can tape a wire and add to the bottom for a stem if extra length is needed.

Make numerous loops, and then begin adding them around the sides of your design, taping each one into place.

Be careful not to "snap" your grass loop, or you'll put a crease into it instead of a rounded loop.

I've added several loops all around the design.

You can vary the size of the loops for more interest if you desire.

The design is nicely shaped, with the calla heads staggered and the complimenting greenery lower than the tallest flower heads.

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