Calla Lily Centerpiece

Cutting Ming Stems

Before ribbon wrapping the stems, I am going to remove the smaller, skinny stems from the grass and the ming fern, leaving only the broad, smooth stems of the callas to show below the ribbon wrap.

Snip firmly, removing these unwanted stems.

With a florist knife, cut the calla stems to all one length.  For a more uniformed length, you can lay the stems down on a cutting block and cutting through all the stems at once with a smooth, wide bladed knife.  Keep the cut smooth with no jagged edges.

Leave enough stems under the bottom to allow the callas to stand in water later without touching the ribbon area.

Now the design is complete and I'm ready to ribbon wrap.  I like using a professional florist satin underneath (to give a pure white look).  It has a sheen that repeals water.

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