Calla Lily Bouquet

Do It Yourself Tutorials for Wedding Flowers

This calla lily bouquet tutorial began with separating the flowers by colors and taping into clusters. I then began using those clusters to begin taping them into a circular shape.

Round out the bouquet by adding extra flowers if needed to fill in holes and create a nice, full circle.

Once completed, the handle can be secured with waterproof floral tape, which is very strong and won't let the stems move. Don't do this until you are happy with the bouquet, since it is a lot harder to undo than green florist tape is.

You should have a nice, rounded bouquet, with the colors evenly distributed and the points all going to the outer diameter of the bouquet.

I finish the handle with a nice sheer ribbon. This bride bought a special embroidered satin wrap, but I will put this on right before the ceremony.

For the present, I want to store the bouquet in a vase of water to keep it fresh, and I do not want to soil the satin wrap by putting it on too soon.

Now on to the last finishing touches and how to store until the wedding day!

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