Calla Lily and Rose Cascade

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This tradition cascade bouquet is a dream in white, cascading down with a luscious spray of dendrobium orchids.  The only thing I substituted from this bouquet is roses for gardenias. 

Gardinias don't do well in traveling as dry pack in FedEx trucks.  They are a very tender flower that needs constant refrigeration and don't last a long time after being removed from a florist's cooler.

These are the products needed to create this gorgeous bouquet:

If you need more visual photos, be sure to check out my other cascading bouquets for more detailed step by step tutorials. 

Place your large calla lilies in the Luxe bouquet holder first.  Make a sharp diagonal cut on the Calla stems - almost up to right beneath the flower head.

Gently work these stems into the foam, pushing with your fingers close to the foam so that the delicate cells of this big flower stem doesn't get crushed.

These flowers have to be in place first because the stems are so large.

Please note that "ivory" roses sometimes have a yellowish or brownish color cast to them.  If you don't like this look - substitute white roses in your order). 

Remove the guard petals from your ivory roses.  Wire stems.  Place these roses as shown below.  Stagger the length of the stems and the depth that you place them.  Burying one deep between the two center calla lilies will give depth and interest to your bouquet.

Place in your white roses after removing guard petals.  Fill in the open areas, mixing with the ivory roses.  Cut lengths of roses so they are slightly shorter than the focal flower (callas). 

Vary the lengths and placements until you have a pleasing balance.

Insert your dendrobium orchids into the bottom of the bouquet holder, creating the flowing cascade.  Start in the low center and then angle out slightly, cutting the side stems a little short to create a lovely cascade shape.

Cut the last two stems of dendrobiums into shorter pieces and insert into top and sides of bouquet, filling in open spaces.

Fill in the bouquet with sprigs of trailing trailing ivy that is wired to Cowee picks.  Fill in underneath, at the bottom and around the sides.

The goal is to cover up your mechanics (foam and bouquet handle).

Once finished, glue galax leaves to underside of bouquet holder to cover the plastic and ribbon wrap the handle if desired.

Once all stems are in place, glue those stems with Floralock.  Be sure to give quick short bursts - as too much spray may run down the bouquet handle making it sticky.

Be sure to throughly lock in the stems that create the cascade and the oversized calla stems that may loosen because of their size.

Mist the finished bouquet well with Finishing Touch and allow to dry before refrigerating.  If you don't have an available refrigerator, keep in a dark cool room and re-mist with Finishing Touch until wedding day. 

Always add water to the foam holder and keep moist at all times.  You'll be surprised how much water flowers can drink out of that holder!

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