Calendar Bridal Shower

A Calendar Bridal Shower is based on "assigning" specific months for your guests to come up with gift ideas for. You can give them some initial ideas, but it's fun if you have an imaginative group and see what unique items they come up with on their own!

For example, January can include items such as calendars, warm hats, mittens, heat blankets and cozy PJ's! February can include similar items - or perhaps a "basket of love" to be set aside for Valentine's Day - including wine, toasting glasses and a heart shaped candle! March can be Irish (for St. Patty's day) or include some movies and interesting novels to fight off the boredom of those long, dragged out winter nights. April can include umbrellas, goloshes and potting soil!

Once you begin to get into the spirit of the Calendar theme, you can see where this goes for picnic baskets and lemonade pitchers in the summer time, leaf rakes and gas cans in the fall and Christmas ornaments for the holidays!

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