Cake Designs for Wedding

New cake designs for wedding come in many sizes and shapes. You are unlimited and can let you imagination go wild with colors.

Wilton makes many different size cake pans, including the paisley shape down below. They also come in hexagon, heart, round, oval and scalloped.

Fountain wedding cakes are still very popular. Elevating with different styled pillars makes it easy to insert flowers between layers.

I love the embossed look of these separator plates by Wilton. It gives the cake such a three-dimensional design.

Delicate pearl roping enhances this lovely petal shaped design.

Staggering the levels with separate tiers gives plenty of opportunity for draping with ivy and other greenery.

Florist Supplies

Florist supplies for making your own bridal bouquet and centerpieces is also available in my store. I carry the basic items needed for baking the above designs.

All cake photos compliments of Wilton. All rights reserved>

If you're looking to see a lot more pictures of cake designs, start at the Wedding Cake Search page.

Discount Florist Supplies

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