Cake Centerpiece

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Instead of one large cake centerpiece, why not put a miniature one with fresh flowers on every table? Instead of your guests straining to see a glimpse of you cutting one in the center of the room, you could make the rounds at each guest table and have the fun of cutting the first slice with each table of friends or relatives.

If you prefer, you can have your caterer or close friends finish cutting the cakes and serving them to your guests.

Centerpiece Cakes are so Elegant!

You can have all designed to be the same . . . or have a different masterpiece for each table! This lovely little dessert is given height with a small tiered assembly. A nosegay of fresh flowers lets you cleverly incorporate both cake AND flowers for every table!

Wedding Cake Charms

A centerpiece cake also makes it possible for you incorporate wedding favors into the cakes. Tie ribbon to various cake charms and have them tucked into the sides of the cake.

Invite each guest at the table to pull out a ribbon and have the charm as a keepsake. If you wish to color coordinate between men and women, give a different color of ribbon for each.

Wedding Cake Cupcakes

Love the idea of centerpiece cakes, yet you yearn for a large one as well? Place pretty elevated plates at each table and put miniature wedding cupcakes on each plate. Tuck a few fresh flowers under each.

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