Button Boutonniere

A button boutonniere made from the bright green miniature pomps has become an extremely hot design. These bright little flowers are showing up everywhere.

This minimal design is so much fun, with wire leaf accents that you make yourself to the wrapped stem and colored corsage pin accents.

Here's another interesting design made entirely of wire! You can glue the pomp to the top of the coiled wire or leave as is.

Lots of glittery regal rhinestone accents add so much interest to this boutonniere.

Folded in galax leaves, this design incorporates button mums and tiny wax flower.

These brightly colored flowers can be successfully accented with so many different colors! Pixie pins are short and nestle beautifully in the heads of flowers or as a bright finish to a ribbon stem. They come in lots of different colors and give an extra "pop" to the design!

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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