Butterfly Wedding Cakes

These Butterfly Wedding cakes have been generously shared by contributors on Flickr.com with limited copyright use. If you need further details, click on the picture itself for direct information from the submitter of the cake photograph. I think they are beautiful enough to rival even Martha Stewart's wedding cakes!

Delicate silk butterflies adorn the top of this lovely cake. They come usually with a long, slender metal pick that can be inserted into the cake and easily removed when it is time to cut it.

Look at the talent that went into this cake! The gorgeous marbeling of the fondant is stunning. This cake is truly one of a kind.


This is one talented cake designer. Look at the sweet cluster of butterflies twining it's way up the side of this cake. Notice it is the ONLY decoration on the cake besides a few flowers on the lower tier.

I love the simplicity of this design. A single dab of icing on a cupcake with a delicate butterfly on top.

Here's another version of the cake in pink above. Jamie Anderson must be kept pretty busy creating this lovely cake for many brides! Notice how easily the decor can be changed to match YOUR wedding colors.

This awesome design (according to the Flickr contributor) was a display in Las Vegas. It is absolutely breathtaking.

If you want to have a Cupcake Wedding Cake instead of a traditional wedding cake, wouldn't these be a pretty theme? Dragonfly Custom Cakes does awesome work!

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