Bulk Wedding Flowers

Red Rose

A red rose traditionally means "I love You" in flower language.  Be sure you get the best price possible when buying flowers in bulk online.

Many sites claiming to be wholesale DO sell wholesale to florists . . . but trust me - they are getting a better deal than you are.  Many of these sites demand that you buy in bulk - yet are still charging you a lot per rose.

I sell flowers by grower's bunches (including different kinds of greenery).  This means you have more selection and can mix varieties rather than have everything be one single flower.

Educate yourself by comparing prices and see how much "free shipping" is actually costing you.

My goal is for DIY brides to actually save money by buying everything they need for their wedding flowers in one place.  This includes florist supplies, such as bouquet holders, centerpiece supplies and the proper flower tools.

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