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Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem (also commonly known as ornithagolum) is a member of the lily family.  This unusual flower is available year round and comes in white. 

The dense, star-shaped flowers cluster around the center cone, giving a beautiful look as line flowers in flower arrangements and bouquets.

It has a vase life of approximately 4-5 days.  It comes in grower's bunches of 10 stems each.  A few blooms may be open when it arrives, but it generally must be cut with the stems underwater and then placed in water that's been treated with fresh flower food. 

You can see florists often use it before it fully opens in order to take advantage of the unusual cone like appearance of the flower.

The long green stems have very few leaves if any at all.  You can see they provide long tall lines to a vertical flower design.

Here it is used with the head facing downwards and letting the curl of the center cone create a beautiful downward stem to this corsage.

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